Aug. 9th, 2005

I'm sorry.

Aug. 9th, 2005 08:31 pm
rjtremor: (Doug with a tear)
Why am I posting this? I don't know. Maybe 'cause I know so many and just want anyone who knew him to know of the news, if you haven't already heard. Maybe 'cause I want those who know already to know that I'm sorry and I'm sad right along with you, even if I didn't know him. I haven't said anything because of my not knowing him, but...

All I know is that it hurts.

Tamewolf, Timm Woolfe, Wabbit Californicus, Zay, CherryKee, now Greyson... these are names I'll never forget, even if I knew them or not. Some have hit me hard because I knew them, or knew of them and wished I knew them better, or know others that were close to them. I don't like death. I know it's not the end, and I know it's just another part of life itself, and I know it hurts no less. If I knew what to say... I don't know what I'd say...

*Hugs to everyone hurting and sad tonight*

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