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Comment to be added. =o) Comments themselves are screened. Most people who add me get added back, though if you aren't known by other friends of mine, I might be kinda hesitant.

Note : *Smiles* No one's getting kicked off my friends list, so no worries. =o) This is for other people wanting to read my journal. Of course, I may add back or I may not. It depends. *Hugs* Everyone I've got on my list is because I want you there, because I want to know you, and have you be party to my life. My friends matter to me, no matter what. I couldn't be me without you.

Edit: 3/8/06 : Changing some things around on the entry, here and there, and adding a note. I've decided to make it a policy that if you take me off of your friends list, you most likely will end up deleted off of mine as well. There are going to be one or two exceptions to the rule, but generally, that is as it will be. If you add me back, I'll find out, and then I'll add you back myself. If you deleted me off and then I did the same to you, but you'd like to talk to me about the circumstances, leave me a message on here. There's a good chance I'll get back to you on it.
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