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I am not good with keeping up with friends. I know some are unhappy or hurt or jaded to me because of this, and to them I am sorry. I could go into details, I could go into explainations, but the simple fact is it's a bad habit of mine. I do go quiet, I do get distracted by RL, I do hide, I do have problems with focusing, I don't prioritize well... there are a lot of reasons... simple fact is I'm just too reclusive. Sometimes it even tends to be selective and semi-spacial... I may feel like talking to this many amount of friends, and avoid a BIG group of others. It's never exactly the same. It can suck the worst when I want to talk to someone and no one's around to talk to that I feel I can talk to.

I don't expect forgiveness, I don't expect understanding. I simply say this to clear my soul in a way. I still carry the disappointment, but at least I've said what I feel I needed to say.

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