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So 2006 is over and done with in 6.5 hours, central time. Very quick recap.

I aged another year. I got stuck working at McJob again, sadly(but THAT will change soon). I didn't get to go to FC. I didn't get to move to California. I got to know two very good friends in-state who have immensely helped me stave off the isolated lonely feelings whenever possible. I got a 1995 Nissan Maxima. I have a couple new doohickeys in my computer. I have an obscession with World of Warcraft. I went to Furry Weekend Atlanta, Mephit Furmeet, and Midwest Furfest, driving, nary a moment of drama to be had to and from each way. At-con, depends. I definitely got to see lots of friends each time. I had some rough spots with friends and loved ones, but I had other friends and loved ones to help me get through the times and save my butt at least once or twice. Thanks guys.

In the end, things are as they'll be. So far, January is going to be an interesting month to start with, no question. On the plus, I'm going to California for two weeks and going to FC. On the negative side of things, a coon is moving away to Wisconsin for a better life up there. I'll probably be the one going nuts after he's gone, but I know it's in his best interests to get away from this place.

So we end two-thousand-and-six with a mild case of the meh. I won't say the day was a good day, but I won't say the night will be bad. It's really just another chapter in my life.

~ Tonight, before the ball drops, I'll grab my coat and leave. ~

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