Jul. 13th, 2006

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So what's been going on in my life for the last 6 months, you might(but probably don't) wonder about?

Well, not a whole lot honestly. Plans to visit and later move to California have been continuously put on hold because of life issues here and there(read: folks, money, depression, procrastination, ad nauseum), life down in Tennessee has been alright, just very isolated in the day-to-day life of things. There really isn't any interest in getting to know the locals in town. Instead, I have friends that I go to see once in awhile who live in Nashville and out near Knoxville, respectively, though the cost and the need for my own transportation, along with other factors in my life(read: bills) have forced me to get yet another job at McDonalds, which I start Monday. Personal concerns leave me wondering how that will go, but I'll handle it as long as I can, and I'll put more apps in at other stores in the meantime. Sadly, this town isn't much for jobs right now either... maybe I'll get lucky and Autozone will call me in 2 weeks. I turned an application in, and was told they aren't hiring 'til the 26th, after inventory's done. Here's to hoping.

In other news, it looks as though I'll be going up to Michigan for the August trip. I could be driving back my nephew's truck that he used to have, which got wrecked, and his dad took back, which is now owned by MY dad. It's a '99/'00 S-10, 4cyl with an auto, so it'll be decent on gas but painfully slow. I might get it off my folks, I don't know. It'll help that moving thing a LOT, though, so hey. Speaking of the nephew, who's only a couple years younger than me, it seems he's going to get married... now that family members are getting married that are younger than me, I must say it feels extremely weird, somehow.

And oh yeah... I am now officially a World of Warcraft player. My best, so far, is a 56 Tauren hunter. Of course, because of the fact I've gotten so into this game, I've finally taken to upgrading my computer, though the reason I upgraded in the first place was the fact my old GF2 toasted. At the moment, I'm half-running on my own stuff, half borrowed from a certain 'coon whose own system kinda went kablooey. Mine : ECS KM400 Motherboard, Athlon XP2800+ Mobile, SerialATA150 250gig hard drive. His : GeForce FX5600 256meg video card, 1gig of PC3200 running at 2700 at the moment because that's hwo fast the motherboard will go.

Things I want : )

Plans for the next 6 months or so include but not limited to - going to MI in a few weeks, going to MFM MFF, trip to Cali, buying a car for myself, paying off bills, moving.

Guess that's about it really. *Shrug*

If you wonder by the way, yes I still get online and chat. Just not very often. I've been sporadic with it, but I'm still around here and there. It's just one of those things I guess.

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