Dec. 25th, 2006

rjtremor: (RJ by Jess Stonicus)
No comments, my opinions, not trolling for yours, kthx.

So last night I talked to [ profile] wolfpac again for the first time in awhile, he pointed out the Megaplex drama to me on Kryphos' LJ and his own, and now it's spread to Wayah's. Looks like drama started when Kryphos posted about wanting to throw a party, ironically the same weekend as MP. Certain furs didn't like the timing and found it insulting. It all went downhill from there. People make their opinions known, people don't like those opinions, enter the explosion of drama #2.

My opinion? If someone doesn't like the con, they are entitled to their opinions and their views. If someone wants to schedule a get-together at the same time as a con, don't take it as an affront.

If Kryphos has his party and you don't like it, go to MP and just ignore it. If Wolfpac doesn't like the con and doesn't wanna go, that's his choice, his opinion, his prerogative. In both instances, deal with it.

Me? I'm going to FC, so I don't CARE about MP. Nyeh nyeh.

By the way... MERRY CHRISTMAS! <=oD

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